What is Funfanickle?

Funfanickle – a portmanteau of “funf” (the german word for five) and “a nickle” (a type of European woodpecker) refers to a very secret club. An extremely exclusive event that moves around from one European city to another, to gain access to the event you first need to follow the clues to find the venue – then knock on the door five times.

Who attends Funfanickle events?

We never reveal attendees by name, the Funfanickle event counts on absolute secrecy. But, we can reveal that previous events have seen people such as…

  • A CEO of a major social media company
  • An ex-British Prime Minister
  • Members of the Danish royal family
  • Librarians
  • Students
  • a Badger (he may have knocked accidentally, but rules are rules)

You can see our next Funfanickle event details here, if you want to attend a Funfanickle event you just need to solves the clues.

What happens at a Funfanickle event?

Unless you’ve been to a Funfanickle event, you’ll never really know 😉

Don’t expect to spend any money – everything’s on the house when you find us – but that’s the tricky part. Solve the clues and you’ll be brushing shoulders with a very special group of people.

Next Funfanickle Event Details

Our next event city can be found by solving the following clues…

  • This city has a link to the Romans
  • Two rivers meet here
  • Important link to the history of cinema

If you think you know where we’re planning the event, email us at [email protected] We’ll reply with the further clues to the actual location, solve those and you’re in…

Funfanickle – secret events since 2019…